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Walking – movement evoking distance, infinity. Therefore, perhaps, I have tended to be horizontal, to grasp space in width. This is related to partial infinity – boundlessness – which I use quite often and quite heartily. The piece can be continued, although not physically. The format is not closed.

Abstract thinking is close to me, completely understandable, also thanks to architecture. I do not need to exactly know all the actual aspects and details. All I need are spaces, planes, bevels, edges, lines. That is enough for me. This is also thanks to my experience with landscape. When one often moves in a landscape, one understands space.

Sometimes an element appears first in a sculpture, other times it appears first in my graphic art. They complement each other. Neither is primary or more important. I actually deal with the same thing in each, just in different ways. It’s not bad to have an escape route – if the sculpture fails, I start working on the print and vice versa. That way it is possible to step back, to get time to think. Both art forms take a long time.