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Although I work with abstract form, sometimes a figure appears. It is not intentional, it just happens to be there, even if the foundation is geometric. The transitions between individual forms do not exactly follow a straight line, a certain corporeality gets in there that can evoke a figure.

I create space, the third dimension, depth and freedom. I try to convey the feeling that I am walking through a landscape, I am part of it, and at the same time, I am free. I still have something to look at. I want to expand the space in which I will not get lost.

A tree in the landscape – a vertical – is a sculpture creating space. Architecture, using walls and columns, creates / defines space. A sculpture can actually create a new quality of space in an enclosed environment – within architecture.

I try to figure out how important it is to the final effect for a sculpture to be made of a particular material, how big a role the material plays, whether the sculpture would be changed if the material were different. I try to ascertain which material is best for each piece; the same goes for the size, the scale. As regards the subject, I repeatedly explore it as well, because in the moment, I feel I can do it better – that, for example, by moving an edge or changing a detail I can achieve a better effect of the whole.